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GMAC Executive Assessment

The Executive Assessment has been designed for senior level, busy, international applicants juggling the demands of work and family. Similarly to GMAT, it tests your aptitude for business related subjects and is used to assess your analytical abilities.

Busy executives don’t have months to study for an assessment prior to entering an EMBA program. At the same time, top business schools want them to be prepared for the program and be placed with other high-caliber, experienced cohort members.

The Executive Assessment addresses both these concerns.

For Busy Executives

The test for senior level, busy executives who can't spend months preparing for the GMAT.

Faster Prep. Shorter Test.

As a busy executive, you don't have 6-9 months to prepare in order to take a 4 hour-long test (GMAT). The GMAC Executive Assessment focuses on the business-relevant topics from the GMAT. For instance, the tedious GMAT writing section does not feature at all on the Executive Assessment. The quantitative and verbal sections are abridged versions of those on the GMAT. Finally, unlike the GMAT, the integrated reasoning section wields key influence on your overall score.

Most busy candidates are able to achieve adequate performance on the test with 8-12 weeks of preparation while holding full-time jobs.

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Key Aspects of the Test

For Executive MBA

The test has been designed specifically for Executive MBA programs, and is used for admission by a handful of top business schools. Full-time MBA programs don't accept the test, and not all EMBA programs do.


You should familiarize yourself with the test and question formats, and get used to timing your responses. Most busy executive achieve adequate performance with 8-12 weeks of preparation.


The test is available at over 600 test centers globally. You can check the availability of individual test centers on your preferred dates, and book an appointment online.


Results will be presented on your screen at the end of the assessment. You will receive a printout of your results to take with you upon departing the test center.


You should set aside 2 hours for the the test. The test itself takes only 90 minutes, but you should account for check-in, instructions, etc. as well.


The almost 4-hours long GMAT has been created for full-time MBA admissions. The shorter Executive Assessment is for Executive MBA admissions, and focuses on the more business-relevant topics.

What is tested?

The Executive Assessment has 3 sections. The total scale ranges from 100 to 200, and all three sections are equally weighted in determining your total.

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Test Preparation Packages

10 hrs Quantitative Reasoning
8 hrs Verbal Reasoning
6 hrs Integrated Reasoning
Personal study plan (hrs split above is typical, not mandatory)
Flex Prep Hours
16 hrs Quantitative Reasoning
12 hrs Verbal Reasoning
6 hrs Integrated Reasoning
Personal study plan (hrs split above is typical, not mandatory)
Flex Prep Hours
Application Consulting
Candidacy Evaluation
Strategy & Timeline Management
Profile Sculpting
CV Editing
Essay Editing
Referee Selection
Recommendation Editing
Interview Preparation
Unlimited hours (one application)

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